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Modificar el widget de Top Posts de Jetpack es más fácil cuando sabes que código mirar

Modificando Top Posts de Jetpack

Modificar el widget de Top Posts de Jetpack es algo realmente sencillo. En especial por lo fácil que es hacer muchas modificaciones a WordPress gracias a sus hooks.

Para quienes no lo sepan, un hook es básicamente un punto en el cual nos podemos colgar para realizar una acción. Normalmente una función.

En mi caso, yo necesitaba cambiar la apariencia de widget “Top Posts” de Jetpack.

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SEO, y experimentos

A estas alturas del partido, ya no es novedad lo muy importante que es tener un muy buen SEO. Lo que si aún andaba un poco debajo de mi radar era el, en especial porque no le había dedicado tiempo suficiente.

Claro, una cosa es el SEO y otra el sistema En el caso del primero, se rige básicamente bajo un principio: El contenido es rey.

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Give XAMPP a try… if using WordPress

I used to be loyal to EasyPHP, but that changed once I come across XAMPP.

And all of that because I wanted to run WordPress locally. This, because I would need more computing power than I could get from a regular hosting account.

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Gutenberg for WordPress

UPDATE: You can have a peek at Gutenberg now thanks to a plugging that was published in the WordPress repository. Be aware, it is not recommended to be installed on production sites yet.

Gutenberg is going to be the new editor for WordPress. Something I was not aware of until I was lurking some at articles archives while killing some time.

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Keep out the bots

If you did not know it, half of the internet is overrun by bots.

Most of them are very useful like the GoogleBot, crawlers, and spiders. But others are not so good and usually end up showing when you do not want to.

I «recently» have been doing all sort of tests, attunements, and changes. This with the objective to make the website much more resilient to attacks and solve problems that were left unchecked from the past iteration as mentioned before.

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Self history with: Joomla, Drupal and WordPress

Back in 1999, we did not have access to stuff like WordPress or any CMS. Doing websites was some short of a challenge and persistence. I have been doing them since mid-2000 if I remember well, with my first big attempt at 2003.

During such time, I have learned PHP, MySQL, some Javascript and whatever I have come across with it. Of course, back in the day, you did not have anything named «Joomla», «Drupal» or «WordPress». If you wanted a CMS, you either spend a bunch of bucks or ended making one by yourself. I mostly did stuff with my bare hands.

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Finally with some free time at my own hands

Finally with some free time at my hands

Just like the title says, I have finally some free time on my hands to start rolling out things.

What does that mean?

It means that I can spend a bunch of time watching videos, playing games and other silly wasteful things. Ok, maybe not will do much that.

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WordPress: Setting up some websites

The more I work with WordPress, the more I like it. Specially because it is much more easy to set up websites and other stuff with it. Something that was not that easy with Drupal.

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