Whops… I am doing it again

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Whops, it looks like that I am doing it again… Even after I said it to myself that I should not.

Between work, destiny, other random games and stuff… I keep forgetting about this blog. Despite that it seems to be easier to update and manage. Not like drupal, like I have said before.

More whops for other things

Also, whops… I keep getting welcomed by bots. What is not all that good. Maybe should put on place some measure to limit that.

Unsure how bad is the spam bot problem, really. As just have got a few comments that were evidently created by them. While it is still not a problem, it can be a true annoynance.

Specially when you need to spend a lot of time cleaning them. While this blog does not get much trafic, yet. But do not want to prevent people from commenting.

After all, I want people to interact, when the time comes.

Considering Akismet to tackle Spam

I have not yet defined how I want to deal with the issue of spam, but do not want to put more stress on the server.

Yet, seems that a viable solution is to install a plugin dedicated entirely to do that, even if this wordpress installs ends with more code.

But need to keep getting considerations on that. As other alternatives could be related to limit access to bots itself. What about also an alternate comment system?

Could move again to use facebook comments. Or even maybe Discuss.

But then, with doing so, the comments would not be hosted here and not easily accesible to make backups of them. That is a true limitation.

But maybe should not be overthinking about things. And just go on and try new things while there is the chance.

I mean, in the worst of the cases, I will just wipe out and restart again. While I still can.

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