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The more I work with WordPress, the more I like it. Specially because it is much more easy to set up websites and other stuff with it. Something that was not that easy with Drupal.

So far, WordPress has been quite easy to manipulate. Extend and even update without any major issues. Something that I did not experienced with Drupal 6, back in the day.

That is why the more I mess with WordPress, the more I like it.

Keep building with WordPress

Rebuilding has been a pleasure so far. And that I have not yet got into code and extend some functionality myself. This using PHP or JavaScript. But I totally plan to do so.

Maybe this one will fit on what I do need. For now, a simple blogging platform that I can mess with at will. Not caring much of a dissaster happens.

But one thing is true, I need to wipe out properly some old installations and domains. Or probably give them a proper set up for its own.

One of the things that I have seen is that you can do Multisite installs. And that really sounds amazing. I had something like that when I was on Drupal.

But on Drupal it was like an administration nightmare. I hope it is much more easy with this CMS. With what I have been quite happy, and been seeing that some rumors I did read back in the day where not totally true. At least for now.

I mean, back in the day, I did not went the WordPress route because it was regarded as heavy and bloated. Maybe that was right back in 2010 or earlier, when I got this space.

But for today standards, almost any hosting space can deal with its needs quite easily. Despite that, there is a lot of work to do. A lot of optimizations that need to be done.

So, its time to move on.

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