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Connectivity Issues

Since this past Monday, there has been all sort of connectivity issues at my end. And at least I can’t really tell who is guilty of this things.

First, random websites started to take a whole lot to load, including the ones I am working with. Then while playing late I started to notice a lot of issues related to connectivity (and at Destiny, getting a lot of baboon messages).

To the point to make things really annoying.

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The more and more I mess with WordPress, the more and more I really like it.

After having almost finished a website where I totally needed to learn a bunch of things, it is quite surprising that it is really so damn easy to manipulate.

Of course, a bunch of other things still need some more… humm… technical capacities, but that may be another history.

I will I’ll still be moving on with this and see what happen… what makes me remember that I need to wipe out some old installations here at this host.


I was completely unaware of a feature that has been around for quite a while… one that is key for everyone and that is present in cPanel… it is the ability to have Secure Websites easily.

Back at the day when I was much more active web-wisely, having SSL or HTTPs was… painful at best, if not really expensive.

Today, while I was lurking and figuring out how to implement a nice online poll for something that is going on… I stumbled upon that.

Making a really long history short, I basically was messing up with a service called ” Let’s Encrypt™” that comes embedded with cPanel. It was interesting that I could now offer secure content quite easily and without having to spend a bunch of extra bucks… what is good.

Of course, this only means that the communications between this server and you are secure… but is a nice step forward. Eventually, maybe I’ll have my hands over a private key or something, but that is a tale for another day.

Sadly for me, not all was that easy to set up in what seemed easy: Just change http to https.

Given the setup I have set here (Internet -> Cloudflare -> Private Server), WordPress started to fall into an “infinite redirection loop”, and I pretty much clueless about it.

If I visited the website, without changing WP to use https instead of http, I saw half the stuff… but if I told WP to use https… it did fall into an infinite loop.

Of course, I was looking into websites like this one for answers… somewhere “promising”, but at the end, only one thing or another worked out.

I was almost to give up when I finally found some light at the official WP codex, and I was surprised how much little I needed to add to fix such thing.

For the looks of it… apparently, my WP install got confused when I changed the settings and saw CloudFlare and kept trying to fix the issue, just making it worst…

But now things are much better, and kind of force SSL one way or another. What I have implemented in the other project I was messing with… and as long I do not have some kind of weird “warning”, I will be a happy skonk (yeah, guess that one why).

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