Finally with some free time at my own hands

Finally with some free time at my hands

por | Abr 29, 2017 | 0 Comentarios

Just like the title says, I have finally some free time on my hands to start rolling out things.

What does that mean?

It means that I can spend a bunch of time watching videos, playing games and other silly wasteful things. Ok, maybe not will do much that.

But I really really needed some vacations as for late. And while I did not plan them to be at this date… for sure I will give them some good use.

There is a bunch of projects that needs to get done. While I have been «cheating» some and progressing… it is not the same when you have full free time for such things.

Under the hood

One of the many things I have been trying as for late is a lot of optimizations for WordPress. Changed some plugins, like the cache one. Apparently I have started to find out a combination that works well.

Another thing I need to go on is to mess up with WordPress theme’s code. This to see if I can make a theme to display featured images the way I want…

Does not seems to be really hard. I have been reading a bunch about «actions» and «filters» and all seems to be quite straight forward. Just the problem is to know what «hook» I need to mess with. As that part is still not very clear.

But eventually, things will run as planned.

And probably will spend some more time writing, save if something happens in between.

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