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Destiny 2 Beta Access Video Image

Destiny 2 Trailer + Beta Access

This video was released a few days ago, but it was not until today that I can write about this.

We are getting not only a pre-release of Destiny 2, but also for anyone that pre-purchases it is going to have access to the Beta releases of the game.

In short, this means: We will be able to see the game as it develops and we will be able to potentially break it at will. Maybe.

Maybe not for the last point.

At the cost of $60 for the regular version and $100 for the deluxe one, (what includes access to two incoming expansions and a bunch of other things), both versions include access to the beta.

A great opportunity to be of the few to watch the game as it comes and develops.

But if we consider that the deluxe comes with the guaranteed access to the first two expansions… maybe we can save a few bucks with that version (and get some extra stuff too).

I was more intrigued by the video itself rather than the deals.

The details

The video for sure lets us see much more of the Cabal and the things they are doing to the city.

Any guardian, old and new, just have lost all their things and pretty much they explain with that why our characters carry on but the stuff does not. Smart move.

Yet, that is not what interests me the most. Just look at the Traveler. And during the video, we do not see any Ghost around. That for sure makes me wonder a few more things.

Maybe what is happening to the Traveler is related? Could be that the Cabal did something to it?

After all, most of the species in the Destiny lore want the Traveler in one way or another.

We saw the Fallen try to steal it. The Hive trying to destroy it. And those are the two most important ones I can remember to have a direct line with the Traveler.

Will we see the Cabal trying to use the traveler as a weapon?

After all, they seem to have enslaved another species and be using them at earth, as it is seen in the video itself. Some ferals that sure will make the Cabal much more difficult than they are now.

I for sure will try and make some space to buy this while at pre-release.

Destiny 2 Trailer of the trailer

I am just getting home and I am pretty much welcomed by this.

Can you just believe it is the trailer of the trailer? That sure sounds interesting, but much more importantly, something that was just shown today:

God… Cayde dialogs are just brilliant. I love the character more and more as the time goes on. The way he does its telling and how he is scripted is simply brilliant. Have I said that already?

Hope he is present, somehow, at the new game…

And also curious about what will be the “real” trailer. But still, we now can we see clearly much of what was teased with the image of the previous days.

A ruined city. A ruined Last City. Not little thing.

Of course, in the trailer of the trailer, we see the Cabal attacking the city. I had heard rumors of that before but it is nice that they will have a much more dominant role in Destiny 2.

While they are not my favorite race, they sure need some huge attention as they pretty much go unexplored during the first game. So maybe that distress signal got answered… who knows?

Destiny 2

Someone close to me told me this already the past week. After all, it was a kind of a leak. Maybe a way to test out the waters in order to see if people would get hyped.

I certainly did.

But now with bungie having an official word, mind you, before Age of Triumph what is a bit weird, that for sure clears out the waters some and makes the hype much more real.

Heck, I do not often pre-purchase games. But I for sure will do as I have had a bunch of fun with Destiny… even if I missed a bunch of its content.

Of course, this also means that bungie will be able to own themselves and not to be fully acquired by Activision… something that may have happened if they failed to deliver Destiny 2 this year. Those are also good news.

Sadly, stuff that we have acquired will not carry on from Destiny to Destiny 2. What a shame.

I sure will miss my Angel’s Advocate and The Hero Formula. But oh well, maybe new things will pretty much replace it when the time comes by.

And they better carry on Cayde too, or I’ll be greatly disappointed.

But oh well. The date seems to be September 8th 2017. I better find a way to keep track of it, so the hype last longer.

Nintendo Switch

Today I simply will go and share a video about the Nintendo Switch. While I do not have one and do not plan to have one soon… I am surprised that it was kinda received with mixed reactions.

While the Switch is for sure a step forward into the way gaming is experienced… knowing that most of the library maybe will be digital is not all that good… especially because I live in a country where if the dollar rises some, everything else raises its price dramatically… oh well…

I was not all that excited to get that console and maybe will not during the time being… especially because it is stupidly and prohibitively expensive… almost twice the price of the Nintendo 3DS.

We shall see how it performs in the coming months.

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