I am just getting home and I am pretty much welcomed by this.

Can you just believe it is the trailer of the trailer? That sure sounds interesting, but much more importantly, something that was just shown today:

Video of Destiny 2 Trailer of the Trailer

God… Cayde dialogs are just brilliant. I love the character more and more as the time goes on. The way he does its telling and how he is scripted is simply brilliant. Have I said that already?

Hope he is present, somehow, at the new game…

And also curious about what will be the «real» trailer. But still, we now can we see clearly much of what was teased with the image of the previous days.

A ruined city. A ruined Last City. Not little thing.

Of course, in the trailer of the trailer, we see the Cabal attacking the city. I had heard rumors of that before but it is nice that they will have a much more dominant role in Destiny 2.

While they are not my favorite race, they sure need some huge attention as they pretty much go unexplored during the first game. So maybe that distress signal got answered… who knows?