Someone close to me told me this already the past week. After all, it was a kind of a leak. A Destiny 2 leak. Maybe a way to test out the waters in order to see if people would get hyped.

I certainly did.

But now with bungie having an official word, mind you, before Age of Triumph what is a bit weird, that for sure clears out the waters some and makes the hype much more real.

Thoughts about Destiny 2 Leak

Heck, I do not often pre-purchase games. But I for sure will do as I have had a bunch of fun with Destiny… even if I missed a bunch of its content.

Of course, this also means that bungie will be able to own themselves and not to be fully acquired by Activision… something that may have happened if they failed to deliver Destiny 2 this year. Those are also good news.

Sadly, stuff that we have acquired will not carry on from Destiny to Destiny 2. What a shame.

I sure will miss my Angel’s Advocate and The Hero Formula. But oh well, maybe new things will pretty much replace it when the time comes by.

And they better carry on Cayde too, or I’ll be greatly disappointed.

But oh well. The date seems to be September 8th 2017. I better find a way to keep track of it, so the hype last longer.