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Finally with some free time at my own hands

Finally with some free time at my hands

Just like the title says, I have finally some free time on my hands to start rolling out things.

What does that mean?

It means that I can spend a bunch of time watching videos, playing games and other silly wasteful things. Ok, maybe not will do much that.

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Having a lot of questions about everything

Questions and Questions and what not

Questions, that is what comes across my head at every minute.

I mean, I really really want to go ahead and try out something, but I am not all that ready or know well what it might be.

I have scrapped a bunch of ideas. Some others are maybe landing up. Should do this? Or this other thing? Will it be successful? Competitive? To make a difference?

So many questions and so little answers.

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Stay Sane

This is how I have been while editing the theme of my blog.

God… how it is even possible that some alternatives just ended being so damn weird… or it is was me that did not like almost anything and have standards so damn high?

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This and That

I should make myself some space to write down once again, even if I end up doing it in Spanish once again (yes, that is what I speak really, lol)

In any case, I have had a little chance to go and see Kong. Not bad, but it certainly made me realize how much I like the kaiju genre and so. I missed Gojira back in 2014, so maybe it would be a good time to try and have some time to catch on it.

After all, if what I have been reading is true, maybe it would be something that will make me catch up on some things… even if the 1998 version was… awful… you know, localization of Japanese ideas usually end up in a crash followed by an explosion and more crashes.

But well, still need to get some time for it. Been out for some… family matters *shivers* and certainly miss to spend some time with a specific person…

So, we shall see… as I am trying to move up things to get most of the stuff…

Of course, I say this while holding my Nintendo 3DS with Pokemon Y loaded on it… playing it after Pokemon Moon (yes, I am playing them in a kind of reverse order, lol).

But gaah, whatever, time for me to poof again.

Just no time

Yes, like the title says… there is mostly no time in a day to do as much as one do want.

Be up at 6am to then be at work at 8am, from there unavailable (mostly) until 4pm and then at home at around 5pm. With that, mostly 50% of the day is already gone.

But then you need to adapt to others and situations. Just going to be out 5 minutes? Yes… they do become 3 hours. And in the blink of an eye, you have wasted another day because you need to get ready for tomorrow.

Despite that, I always manage then to make a few things during the day while I am free… happily. From some random WordPress play (what I am trying to learn) to try and have a few minutes to write down something.

Either way, it always seems that I end stealing some hours to my sleep time… what is not good… but hopefully that will not last so long… as I then try and land into doing something much more useful for me.

Time then to try and sleep some.


Is midnight here almost already… and guess what? Almost forgot to post once again here… oh well…

Things have been a quite bit busy after all. Rendering videos here, trying to post stuff there, and if you include that the Iron Banner (Destiny) is running out… well… you can get the idea that 24 hours are not enough for a day (plus a 8 hours work… yeah… pretty much the day is over once out).

Right now I have no idea how some things will work out here and there. Need to think a way to make people answer some surveys so then we can get some light over some things.

After all, data is a key element in determining what is going fine and what is completely wrong.

If you consider one thing… we have had quite a large reach… yet, so little interaction… that then means that something is not going how it should. What’s happening then? What’s wrong?

I suspect it is the message itself… or the target… possibly even could be that we are not delivering the right messages to the right people… or that the market niche is really really small.

That is why we need to gather data.

Data will bring light eventually… And hopefully then out some order into this chaos.

Meanwhile… I’ll also kill some Guardians, and be killed back too.

Take the lead? Someone?

I do not know what happens with people sometimes.

I mean, it is ok when someone delegates tasks to others to allow then the work to be properly done. BUT… when someone just then throws ideas and does not “add” compromise… then something is wrong.

So far, the project I am in… it is quite failing… how much you can do when everything must be rushed because the launching is in two weeks? (now just a few days… less than a week)

And when there is not a clear plan, no a clear idea of what should be done, no idea of how to market, image, engagement, corporative values and image, etc etc etc… things are horrible and rushed off.

So far, things are on fire and crashing… but at least I am doing my part on what it is… trying to give some to it and make stuff “tangible”.

Some people have contacted “sales”, what it is good, I am at least giving results… eventually, I need to find my way into some other aspects and get used to the platform I am working with, expand and then make use of more of my skills.

Tomorrow… I will be spending much of the day doing what the others should do… and I’ll create then more tangible stuff… hopefully.

Must be ready.

Can you hear me?

“Can you hear me?” – a voice asked to Joseph as he did woke up. He was barely able to see anything.

“Who are you?” – he asked.

“It does not matter”.

“Where I am?”

“You would not believe it…” – the voice replied, as Joseph was barely able to see who was next to him, but it was a woman.

He tried to look around, but was still unable to properly see. His memories where a mess still. Could not get anything useful from them.

Moving was painful. Yet it quickly faded away as he kept trying it. Eventually managed to stand up, but his body felt weird, strange, unused.

His eyes slowly got better, being now able to recognice things… yet the place was like nothing that he had seen before.

Then noticed that the woman was gone.

Started to wander slowly, Difficultly. The fresh air was filled with a soft scent of smoke, contrasting with it. Something burned some time ago.

Along his path, he started to find pieces scattered around. Metal. It had hit the ground quite violently. Some was still warm. Leftovers of something that went wrong.

But he continued.

The pieces become bigger as he walked further, spotting what used to be personal belongings. Something was wrong, but continued.

He felt it then.

Turned and saw that pair of eyes looking at him. Lifeless.

Most of the body was gone, and part of its white fur was still smoking. Yet could be recogniced.

Joseph fall with a mix of fear and confusion. It took him a while to remember who he was seeing. It was himself who also did laid lifeless on the ground.

“I… am… dead?” – asked to himself, as his head hurt from remembering himself.

“No, you are not”, the woman answered, “But neither fully alive”.

“W-What happened?”

The woman pointed then at the sky, as bright lights did fall from the sky.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Can you hear me?

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