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¿Dificultad para escribir? Quizá

Con esto, no digo que no cuente con temas de los cuales escribir. Si no lo difícil que se ha vuelto en los últimos días, pero no es un problema de temas sino de tiempo.

A veces quieres, pero simplemente no cuentas con mucho tiempo para hacerlo.

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Imagen del Museo del Ferrocarril de Yucatán

El Museo del Ferrocarril de Yucatán

Esta entrada la debí haber escrito hace algún tiempo, ya que estuve en el museo del ferrocarril de Yucatán a finales de Diciembre de 2016. Sin embargo, como siempre me sucede, las cosas se me traspapelan al estar ocupado.

Pero me acorde una vez encontré las fotografías que tome ahí en lo que limpiaba mi teléfono. E igual recordé lo mucho que necesito de nueva cuenta contar con una cámara profesional.

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Historia Original: Despertar

Historia Original: Despertar

«Teijen ka ien no kairu… Joseph«.

Aquella voz femenina, sonaba muy lejos. Él no podía verla o distinguirla, aun al estar frente a él. Su cuerpo se sentía pesado, ajeno a cualquier cosa que pasase alrededor. Solo pudo mantenerse despierto por algunos instantes.

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La liga premier de méxico en la Segunda División

La Liga Premier de México: Nueva Liga

Para quienes no estén al tanto, este pasado 15 de junio la Segunda División Profesional cambio de nombre de «Liga Premier». Esto, en teoria, traeria una serie de cambios positivos para el futbol mexicano. No confundir con la Premier League de Inglaterra.

He aquí lo que pienso.

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Finally with some free time at my own hands

Finally with some free time at my hands

Just like the title says, I have finally some free time on my hands to start rolling out things.

What does that mean?

It means that I can spend a bunch of time watching videos, playing games and other silly wasteful things. Ok, maybe not will do much that.

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Having a lot of questions about everything

Questions and Questions and what not

Questions, that is what comes across my head at every minute.

I mean, I really really want to go ahead and try out something, but I am not all that ready or know well what it might be.

I have scrapped a bunch of ideas. Some others are maybe landing up. Should do this? Or this other thing? Will it be successful? Competitive? To make a difference?

So many questions and so little answers.

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Stay Sane

This is how I have been while editing the theme of my blog.

God… how it is even possible that some alternatives just ended being so damn weird… or it is was me that did not like almost anything and have standards so damn high?

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This and That

I should make myself some space to write down once again, even if I end up doing it in Spanish once again (yes, that is what I speak really, lol)

In any case, I have had a little chance to go and see Kong. Not bad, but it certainly made me realize how much I like the kaiju genre and so. I missed Gojira back in 2014, so maybe it would be a good time to try and have some time to catch on it.

After all, if what I have been reading is true, maybe it would be something that will make me catch up on some things… even if the 1998 version was… awful… you know, localization of Japanese ideas usually end up in a crash followed by an explosion and more crashes.

But well, still need to get some time for it. Been out for some… family matters *shivers* and certainly miss to spend some time with a specific person…

So, we shall see… as I am trying to move up things to get most of the stuff…

Of course, I say this while holding my Nintendo 3DS with Pokemon Y loaded on it… playing it after Pokemon Moon (yes, I am playing them in a kind of reverse order, lol).

But gaah, whatever, time for me to poof again.

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