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I have the objective now to start to write at least once here, sharing what comes out from my head.

Sometimes, it is going to be hard as hell as I do not have access to any material to share. Or worst, no connection at all. What for sure is going to make things really difficult.

Of course, trying to keep up is the important part… at least to invest a couple of minutes to post when possible. I should just push my head to be able and do those little efforts. While I really get used to write again.

But for the sake of shame, it is a bit weird to be waking up at strange hours. Current work is basically screwing me over and again. That is why I have been lurking for a change. Hoping that things turn out well and that I manage to learn a new set of skills. Or either revisit those that I already know.

Push Push the head

Is not like that I am bad. Just that I am lacking enough motivation to be pushed over stuff. Learning skills is always something that is required, but when you land back at home totally drained. Things are quite difficult.

But should try and cheer up things up too.

This is because there are many things that need improvement. Specially on the very personal side. Where one can work out quite easily. I hope.

Meanwhile, I should try and move on. I keep saying… or will keep saying this. Specially when new doors may open for me. Some that require to get those needed skills that may not be fully present.

But life is all about learning. Experimenting. That is something that has been quite clear for a while.

Or does not means it?

But for the time being, I need to keep working in more than just one side.

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