Just no time

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Yes, like the title says… there is mostly no time in a day to do as much as one do want.

Be up at 6am to then be at work at 8am, from there unavailable (mostly) until 4pm and then at home at around 5pm. With that, mostly 50% of the day is already gone.

But then you need to adapt to others and situations. Just going to be out 5 minutes? Yes… they do become 3 hours. And in the blink of an eye, you have wasted another day because you need to get ready for tomorrow.

Despite that, I always manage then to make a few things during the day while I am free… happily. From some random WordPress play (what I am trying to learn) to try and have a few minutes to write down something.

Either way, it always seems that I end stealing some hours to my sleep time… what is not good… but hopefully that will not last so long… as I then try and land into doing something much more useful for me.

Time then to try and sleep some.

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