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I do not know what happens with people sometimes.

I mean, it is ok when someone delegates tasks to others to allow then the work to be properly done. BUT… when someone just then throws ideas and does not «add» compromise… then something is wrong.

So far, the project I am in… it is quite failing… how much you can do when everything must be rushed because the launching is in two weeks? (now just a few days… less than a week)

And when there is not a clear plan, no a clear idea of what should be done, no idea of how to market, image, engagement, corporative values and image, etc etc etc… things are horrible and rushed off.

So far, things are on fire and crashing… but at least I am doing my part on what it is… trying to give some to it and make stuff «tangible».

Some people have contacted «sales», what it is good, I am at least giving results… eventually, I need to find my way into some other aspects and get used to the platform I am working with, expand and then make use of more of my skills.

Tomorrow… I will be spending much of the day doing what the others should do… and I’ll create then more tangible stuff… hopefully.

Must be ready.

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