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La debacle de los Loot Box en Star Wars: Battlefront 2 - ¿Qué es lo que nos depara el futuro con los pay-to-win AAA?

La debacle de los Loot Box en Star Wars: Battlefront 2

El tema de los loot box en Battlefront 2 no es nuevo. Sin embargo, el tema ha tomado mucho vigor desde que las autoridades americanas y europeas han decidido ponerle un alto al asunto.

Dragon Ball Super: Opiniones sobre el Anime

Dragon Ball Super: Opinión del Anime

Finalmente me decidí a ver Dragon Ball Super después de saber de ella. Fue una sesión maratónica de 115 episodios, hasta el momento de escribir esto. Esto es lo que opino de la serie.

(Aviso de Spoilers)

Destiny 2 Beta es la Neta: Opinión tras Jugar

Quizá exagero un poco con el titulo, pero si puedo decir que he disfrutado mucho de poder jugar la Beta de Destiny 2. Esto a pesar de que el universo ha intentado por todos los medios evitarlo.

Si bien es poco lo que tiene para ofrecer, si te puedo asegurar de que cuando logres entrar, lo vas a disfrutar.

(Aviso de un poco de spoilers)

Castlevania (Netflix): Opinión Primera Temporada

Este pasado 7 de Julio se estreno la serie Castlevania de Netflix. Por azares del destino, recientemente nos hicimos de una cuenta de Netflix en la casa. Conveniente, ¿No?

Una de las primeras cosas que hice fue ver la primera temporada. Con apenas cuatro capítulos, es solo el comienzo de lo que se viene.

(Aviso de spoilers)

Xbox Scorpio, a change in niche market?

A few days ago the Xbox Scorpio was finally revealed. And while it has some really impressive specs, up to 4.6x performance boost compared to previous iterations, maybe its price is going to scare some people away.

Take the lead? Someone?

I do not know what happens with people sometimes.

I mean, it is ok when someone delegates tasks to others to allow then the work to be properly done. BUT… when someone just then throws ideas and does not «add» compromise… then something is wrong.

So far, the project I am in… it is quite failing… how much you can do when everything must be rushed because the launching is in two weeks? (now just a few days… less than a week)

And when there is not a clear plan, no a clear idea of what should be done, no idea of how to market, image, engagement, corporative values and image, etc etc etc… things are horrible and rushed off.

So far, things are on fire and crashing… but at least I am doing my part on what it is… trying to give some to it and make stuff «tangible».

Some people have contacted «sales», what it is good, I am at least giving results… eventually, I need to find my way into some other aspects and get used to the platform I am working with, expand and then make use of more of my skills.

Tomorrow… I will be spending much of the day doing what the others should do… and I’ll create then more tangible stuff… hopefully.

Must be ready.

Facebook? uh?

OK, I am going to be honest…

While my experience with «digital marketing» has been… limited… I must admit that it seems a whole new beast, different than what I tough.

Of course… it does not mean that I do not want to tame it. I do want to.

But it is not as simple than just sit down and do «facebook» for a while. It has its own tricks, caveats and others things.

Getting likes from friends is one thing… making people react is another one, especially if you design content with a specific market in mind.

Facebook knows pretty well how people reacts, and to what they do react the more (you know, DAAAAAATAAAAAAA!)

Me reacting to data chunks, basically

So yeah, it is really weird to see a professional video totally failing at sponsored space while 3 random pictures glued together at the last moment does perform better that it.

It tells you many things really… at least one that we already knew pretty much: People does not stay with you for very long.

The 3 first seconds do matter, a whole lot.

Catch people at that moment, or go home. And that must be done SILENTLY… without the aid of sound.

See how complicated it can be then? Maybe yes, maybe not… but an image changing quickly between states may catch one, or another one with high contrast can too.

There is the trick… pull people with just a well-selected image…. an image that just «starts» the idea train… an image that may make your «potential customers» aware of you and interested in you.

That is where the real trick is… not in over production.

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