The importance of blogging or to blog

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Should one just spend some time blogging or not? or writing in general? That is part of the question, but also with just frequency. Something that with the new era of information… is becoming much more used for marketing.

While there are many reasons on why one should blog, even including marketing, I will not just focus on that really, but more about the person itself and out why it is important to have stuff written out. And will use me as an example.

What are your reasons then?

1. Starting to write at home, to create a blogging habit

While it may sound silly, it is one of the main reasons out why I am doing this. At work, I write a bunch… but it is mostly «mindless writing», automatic one. You type what you are seeing or hearing. You are done.

Does it improve you? No, not at all.

You can’t get better if you do not have access to review what you have written and then create a review of it. Hard when what your type is mean for other functions and it is gone. When it is ephemeral.

During a time since the last time I had a blog and this new reborn, I almost did not want to write at home. Long sentences? No thanks.

I am trying to change that, as I really like to write. So I am working to create the habit.

2. To see how often I come with new stuff to write about

I have read a bunch of things about that you usually need to write a post a day or such. Given my situation that can be a whole much sometimes… as I am pretty much captive during eight hours already.

Sometimes, you come with an idea earlier in the day but you can’t just write that down into a post… when you get home, with a headache and many other ailments, I bet you it is not easy to write then or either remember what you wanted to share.

Also, I have noticed how my «eureka» process works. Usually, an idea for something to write comes after a few couple of days or as a subset from another post.

It can work, but if you write when you feel like, it is better than to force yourself and to end with a mess. Find your own pace, really.

3. Improve my English skills

I do not know if you have noticed it, but have you seen the domain? It totally points to México. In fact, my native language is Spanish.

This blog, in this new iteration, serves me as a way to make me better at writing at English, even if I have some kind of help on that. So, spending some time into forcing me to write in this language can help me in the long run.

Despite that, I have been tinkering with the idea of write once again in Spanish.

The reasons are simple: It is my main language and the past iteration of this blog was about «anime» events that were happening in the place where I live.

I still get a lot of traffic from people that are searching for such topics. Sadly, such content it is not there anymore and there is no way I can recover it. That is because of the owner, me, just spend a lot of time away and this was overtaken by «an infestation«.

Do not let that happen to you.

4. To create a personal blogging archive of things that I like

This is the kind of things that for what a blog should be about.

When one spends time blogging, one should do it for any reason he or she may like… not only because «you are to do money with it«. Of course, what will be better than do money with what you like? But not always that is the case.

But sharing your mind around can come with a lot of benefits, as sometimes it even serves as a way to discover yourself and to «talk with oneself», to train the mind and remember.

Of course, blogging about what solution you have come with a specific problem can be very useful too. And if you like to help others, that for sure will bring you some sort of benefit.

Like some people may say: «your space, your choices». But be smart.

5. To move forward

My life was stuck before I did recover this little space of the internet. While you may say that sharing stuff like this on facebook or twitter is enough… sometimes it is not because such platforms are very ephemeral.

Sometimes you want to move forward looking at the past and what you have done to have a much more solid future. Sometimes that is not possible with other platforms. That is why blogging is my answer because I like to write about a bunch of things.

This is my true way to move forward.

What’s next then?

First of all… continue to move where things are heading, then keep growing and make this a strong habit.

I am very likely to start to write stuff back in Spanish one of this days. No idea if I will totally swap off English from this place or simply… mix English and Spanish (no, not like Spanglish), but for sure with every new post I will get the seed for the next blogging iteration.

Life is about enjoying what you do, and this is part of what I like to do. Create.

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