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The importance of blogging or to blog

Should one just spend some time blogging or not? or writing in general? That is part of the question, but also with just frequency. Something that with the new era of information… is becoming much more used for marketing.

While there are many reasons on why one should blog, even including marketing, I will not just focus on that really, but more about the person itself and out why it is important to have stuff written out. And will use me as an example.

Canvas at Facebook

I do not know when it was that they did implement them… but after I have come back to the platform (after many years of not using it), its one of the things that quickly did got my attention.

Of course, during the first days of returning… I did not attempt it at all and tried to stick to more traditional methods to develop… messages.

None the less, as the pressure to get some stuff doing increased, the more likely I was to experiment with it… what I eventually did.

I was surprised by the potential it had.

I mean, you are restricted just to smartphones… but yet, with such «broad» market… you have a lot of potential viewers.

I spend like… 3 hours playing with that… adding elements, removing some others, adding photos, text, configuring them, buttons and so on… it was really quite an experience… and I was quickly aware of how much potential it had, of course.

Now, while I have an ad running with a canvas, I have also discovered something: People is more likely to click it than other media.

I still not have clear idea why… maybe because of people just like the interaction that a canvas can give? … I mean, you can basically tease people to move its phone or scroll down all the way down just to see what you did there. It is very interestingly.

I have yet to explore all the potential and do some nice canvas myself… but with them being restricted to pages, for the time being at least, means that they are not going to be VERY common for a long time… what then makes them ideal to play with and see how far yu can get with em.

Facebook? uh?

OK, I am going to be honest…

While my experience with «digital marketing» has been… limited… I must admit that it seems a whole new beast, different than what I tough.

Of course… it does not mean that I do not want to tame it. I do want to.

But it is not as simple than just sit down and do «facebook» for a while. It has its own tricks, caveats and others things.

Getting likes from friends is one thing… making people react is another one, especially if you design content with a specific market in mind.

Facebook knows pretty well how people reacts, and to what they do react the more (you know, DAAAAAATAAAAAAA!)

Me reacting to data chunks, basically

So yeah, it is really weird to see a professional video totally failing at sponsored space while 3 random pictures glued together at the last moment does perform better that it.

It tells you many things really… at least one that we already knew pretty much: People does not stay with you for very long.

The 3 first seconds do matter, a whole lot.

Catch people at that moment, or go home. And that must be done SILENTLY… without the aid of sound.

See how complicated it can be then? Maybe yes, maybe not… but an image changing quickly between states may catch one, or another one with high contrast can too.

There is the trick… pull people with just a well-selected image…. an image that just «starts» the idea train… an image that may make your «potential customers» aware of you and interested in you.

That is where the real trick is… not in over production.

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