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Recently, I have been playing some with a new software named LimeSurvey. This is a tool that lets you create surveys and polls. Ideal to ask people about almost anything you want.

Collecting information about what people thinks is very important. That is for what polls exists, and that is why so poll software, like LimeSurvey, was created too.

At this point, you may ask: Why not just use Google Forms or even Facebook directly? Or even Typeform? Well, one of the major issues is that your own data may not be yours.

Some platforms like Facebook are quite clear on that. Or even impose ways to limit the number of rows you can import.

Self-hosted LimeSurvey

LimeSurvey seems not to consume a whole lot of resources. But has a quite steep learning curve. As not everything is quite easy to set up.

Comparatively, the look of the software is not perfect. But can be worked out so it looks much better. If you are not used to editing HTML or CSS, doing such changes can be a problem. So moving to use Google Forms may be viable. As they save its data in the form of spread sheet.

In my case, I expect to start to roll out this starting tomorrow. And use it to collect some opinions running some Facebook Ads.

I expect this to have some success. And if that is so, then I’ll keep running them much more. And even if they does not, it is still a very good learning and experiment.

The only issue is how to convince people to actually fill up the forms. But maybe giving something at the end may help out?

Been reading about that for some time. It is all about luring people to get a benefit from doing something. But not sure if I may have access to such thing, as I am not in the front line of making decisions.

I would like to do so. That way the strategy might be then a bit more cohesive. With more sense and gathering much more information.

Everything is about an strategy, and to make that you need to collect data about your consumers and potential ones. That is part of the marketing strategy.

But we will see how things turn out eventually.

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