Death Note by Netflix: Opinion

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Netflix just unveiled that they have been doing a live action remake of Death Note for its platform. And I have really mixed feelings about that.

The tweet about Death Note by Netflix

Adaptations of anime have been a nightmare for American companies and fans alike. I just need to point examples like Dragonball Evolution. Just one nightmare after another.

And even, I may go further. As there are examples of great animation franchises getting terrible live action movies. That is why I am really concerned about this.

I am not totally against them doing this kind of things. The issue is that they have not nailed it down. They still can’t figure out the correct way to create a good live action movie from an superb animation.

But the trick is here: The narrative is completely different. The way people see the animated characters is totally different. Even, the way Japaneses tell an history is completely different on how American public expect that history.

In most anime, the history revolves about the travel and experiences. Not about the objective. How you get there, not what you are to get.

That is what keeps me worried about this adaptation of Death Note. Because it can fail once more on getting thins properly done.

Localization is not totally bad. But they have been messing with it too much and learned nothing.

What to expect then about this Death Note?

I am totally unsure, to be honest. In part I want this to be a fully successful thing, and that the people at Netflix nail it down finally.

But personally, I know it is going to be very unlikely.

This is because usually live action movies are geared to a completely different public. With totally different points of view from those that love animation. For those that are here for the travel.

Time will tell if this works out. Or if they just need to keep a bit afar from trying this anymore.

But one thing is sure… maybe I should start to consider to get a Netflix subscription myself. Even if I am not all that much of see TV anymore.

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