Haha, ok… this is silly.

The day just does not last enough to do a whole lot of things. Especially when I am working once again at mornings.

Be up at 6 am and then down… or at least try… at 10 pm… 16 hours to do things? … nah, no way really… especially when you spend 8 of them totally alienated and apart of the world. That does not help, and sure thing is a big turn down.

As many people enjoy around, I just need to wait those painful 8 hours with everything stopped… but well… it neither helps that when I land home, I instantly go ahead and do other things.

Like… HAH! Destiny… oh god.

I should be much more focused on doing a few other things, is true. I almost even forgot to write down what I was mean for today (mind you, want to make a habit of this… writing posts as often as I can) because even ended going out without previous warning.

I usually have like… 6 hours just for me everyday.. but oh well… maybe that is why I really need the change after all.

And returning to Destiny, after being playing a LONG time PvP and such things, I got the first compliment… haha… and was kinda like “You are brutal with scout rifles”, and I was like “OMG!”

The Hero Formula: Evil Monster

The Hero Formula: Evil Monster

That was one of the rifles I was using during that match after where I got the message…

Personally, after the latest “balance”, I have had a lot of mixed results… I suffered a whole lot with scouts (mind you, I LOVE em) because I was unable to kill anything with them… especially during this past Iron Banner.

Trying to kill someone with them at mid range was a pain… and I usually lost the gunfight… in some cases, I even ended pressing the trigger and nothing happened… frustrating.

But in such case, maybe it has been related to the lag I have had too.

While we changed ISP recently, and it is WAY better than the one we used before, I have noticed that random usage like youtube can create spikes of lag and such… really annoying because I can’t control when they happen and I instantly notice it because I get killed without being able to compete.

BUT, when the stars align and have no lag… can be quite fun to take down people, especially when the scout has firefly… as I always aim to the heads, no matter the distance.

Take that and that I like high fire rate scouts (MIDA is still around sometimes) and can be something fun…

I am not a sniper… but I certainly like to take you down at the distance… save if I need to get personal with an Auto Rifle.

PD: I am so glad that the shotgun fest is so damn over.