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Good, video editing can for sure be a pain in the ass if you do not have a proper computer… like that has been happening to me right now.

I mean, editing video is not all that hard, specially if you want to do certain «simple» things like editing order, add new sound, add captions and other stuff alike…

Of course, that is… but when you have a computer that can’t handle that all well… then… you end taking hours to do something that should be done quite quickly.

Uh… maybe a little bit too much?

For example, just to render a video of around 50 secs… it takes me 22 minutes to get it done in kdenlive. That is a lot.

Of course, maybe it is also because I am editing it in full HD and is mean to spend more time rendering and so on… still… if I detect a mistake once it is done rendering… it means that I need to spend some more time editing the video and then making sure it is done correctly before to render again… but sometimes, I can’t catch all mistakes until I have rendered once again… so it is kind of an endless circle…

Maybe I just need a new computer… as the one I have dates back from 2011… and also, maybe get my hands in a custom made one for such proposes…

Maybe someday…

But for now, I can live with kdenlive and such as I am getting quite used to it, being really a quite nice alternative to Adobe Premier, that can actually run in my computer without killing it.

I am slowly finding my path along this… even if it is taking a little bit more time than planned. I just need to be given the right direction for the time being… as I am relearning a bunch of things.

PD: Really need to keep giving me time to write this kind of things… or maybe… schedule posts ahead of time? … humm…

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