Quest Line? Where? Needing a Change

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You know there is something wring with your mind. Specially when you see paperwork as a new step of a quest line!

Maybe I have been playing too much. Or maybe I have a kind of over active mind.

Be it one or the another, probably things would be much more positive like that. I mean, what if you could really see daily activities as quest lines?

Of course, maybe I am over thinking it. But, who knows?

It could be something really interesting to do. As you know exactly where to head out when things turn… rough.

Move away from that quest

But well, yes. Mind has been overactive. Things have been really stressful as for late.

And I can’t really say that in a good way. Stress is never really good. Specially when you experiment it every day. I can’t really go into details, but I have been toying with the idea of having a good change.

To look around and change my work.

As it is starting to be much more tiresome. And that will never be good. Specially when you loved it. But then you end being stuck at it without proper advance.

Could be a problem of my generation. But if you do not get any professional progress, then you feel stuck. You feel like that you are not moving. Not doing anything good for yourself.

That could be what my mind has been trying to say to me?

I do not know. There has been a lot going on here and there. Maybe I have been too much on it.

But time will tell me if things can go in a better direction than they are. After all, that is for what I started this. Want to retake some of the stuff I did before the collapse.

My collapse.

But maybe I’ll do expand on that some other day.

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