While I have been playing some with software, I have come across LimeSurvey… as a tool to make some polls to people about things.

Of course, it is a good way to collect information… even if I use a platform I own or so… I personally prefer to have full ownership of the data rather than end with it being kidnapped. After all, sometimes is better to have the raw data if you need to make something with it.

I kind of plan to use it some… or a lot… depending how things turn out with it.

Other alternatives included Google Forms… while you may make the form look really nice and is easy to configure… I did not something from it… so I ended choosing a self-hosted solution.

If nothing happens, I’ll start to roll out this tomorrow… and maybe even then run some adverts inviting people to fill up such things… who knows… my only issue is that I do not have anything on how to convince people to actually fill them up…

After all, data is important… but people require motivation to fill out your polls.

Let’s make some polls
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