So then, finally after a very very long hiatus… I am back into action. Apparently.

Why? Because I am with the intention to take back this space. And use it therefore to share some of the things that I do sometimes.

For some time, the things were a little bit rough. But really wanted to rescue this space and use it for express myself. To use it to share some of my “derp” moments while playing games (as it is something I mostly do after work anyway!)

Of course, I will share some random thoughts and/or stuff I see. After all, it is not the internet about sharing?

I have stuff like Faceboor or Twiter… but such things better stay as how they are… unused for now. Eventually I plan to come back there too. As activity is important… and I plan to at least have a post weekly. But we shall see how it goes.

Closing for being Back for Now

But, just for close for now, just a random video of a game session gone wrong at Destiny. Oh god, that game for sure has take my attention away from Warframe.

Oh, by the way… WordPress seems to be much better for what I want in terms to share ideas than Drupal. Maybe this time I’ll not be struggling to keep myself up updating the software.

After all, I got that old Drupal installation hacked. Thanks for not keeping it updated. Back in the day, it needed me to spend a lot of time to catch changes and then merge my own ones.

But in WordPress it seems to be much more easier. What saves me time. Something really important as my time is a very limited resource.

But probably I’ll expand on that on a future post. While I still try to get some stuff together.