Destiny 2 Trailer of the trailer

I am just getting home and I am pretty much welcomed by this.

Can you just believe it is the trailer of the trailer? That sure sounds interesting, but much more importantly, something that was just shown today:

God… Cayde dialogs are just brilliant. I love the character more and more as the time goes on. The way he does its telling and how he is scripted is simply brilliant. Have I said that already?

Hope he is present, somehow, at the new game…

And also curious about what will be the “real” trailer. But still, we now can we see clearly much of what was teased with the image of the previous days.

A ruined city. A ruined Last City. Not little thing.

Of course, in the trailer of the trailer, we see the Cabal attacking the city. I had heard rumors of that before but it is nice that they will have a much more dominant role in Destiny 2.

While they are not my favorite race, they sure need some huge attention as they pretty much go unexplored during the first game. So maybe that distress signal got answered… who knows?

Destiny 2

Someone close to me told me this already the past week. After all, it was a kind of a leak. Maybe a way to test out the waters in order to see if people would get hyped.

I certainly did.

But now with bungie having an official word, mind you, before Age of Triumph what is a bit weird, that for sure clears out the waters some and makes the hype much more real.

Heck, I do not often pre-purchase games. But I for sure will do as I have had a bunch of fun with Destiny… even if I missed a bunch of its content.

Of course, this also means that bungie will be able to own themselves and not to be fully acquired by Activision… something that may have happened if they failed to deliver Destiny 2 this year. Those are also good news.

Sadly, stuff that we have acquired will not carry on from Destiny to Destiny 2. What a shame.

I sure will miss my Angel’s Advocate and The Hero Formula. But oh well, maybe new things will pretty much replace it when the time comes by.

And they better carry on Cayde too, or I’ll be greatly disappointed.

But oh well. The date seems to be September 8th 2017. I better find a way to keep track of it, so the hype last longer.

NieR: Automata

While I do not have the game myself, someone close to me has it. And shared that the soundtrack was kind of special.

So I had to google some and was kind of impressed with the quality of the sound. I mean, the soundtrack from what I was able to listen was quite outstanding.

Just the main theme stands out quite well, to a point I have did not remembered back at the days of Final Fantasy IX or so.

I am really enjoying this piece, and even the one in English is outstanding, what is something you do not find out quite often… as it is usually murdered with the translation.

Time for me to truly poof for the time being.

Questions and Questions

That is what comes across my head at every minute.

I mean, I really really want to go ahead and try out something, but I am not all that ready or know well what it might be.

I have scrapped a bunch of ideas. Some others are maybe landing up. Should do this? Or this other thing? Will it be successful? Competitive? To make a difference?

So many questions and so little answers.

For one side, all seems to be quite hard. But on the other hand, it does not that it makes you wonder if you should go ahead with that.

Or maybe it is me. Maybe I am on a point where things are easy and I am just unable to see it properly. What one might it be?

I certainly need answers to many things. But most importantly, I need to be able to land my ideas for once and for all.

So maybe then things will be much more clear.

Stay Sane

This is how I have been while editing the theme of my blog.

God… how it is even possible that some alternatives just ended being so damn weird… or it is was me that did not like almost anything and have standards so damn high?

I certainly do want something really original and such. Yet can’t really afford an expensive theme for the time being… and less if it does not end pleasing me entirely. None the less, I have seen really nice alternatives and I’ll mess with others if I figure out how to make them support certain features.

Ain’t fun when you end with a theme that shows garbage where a post should be.

And still, I am loving WordPress. At least blogging is less of a problem and much more an enjoyment.

Death Note

I really have mixed feelings about this…

I mean… so many things can go wrong with such adaptation… or maybe they will stay close and loyal to the original while staying original and fresh?

Only time will tell how thins goes…

That, of course, may mean good and bad things. For one side, I still remember how horribly the localizations have killed any anime and Japanese product… but on the other side… if they have figured out what people really want from adaptations… then maybe we could see a new kind of trends… meaning that some animes may become much more “mainstream” in the form of their own localizations… what will be weird.

I’ll keep an eye on this… and probably take the chance to get Netflix myself too (what I keep saying since… long ago).

Let’s make some polls

While I have been playing some with software, I have come across LimeSurvey… as a tool to make some polls to people about things.

Of course, it is a good way to collect information… even if I use a platform I own or so… I personally prefer to have full ownership of the data rather than end with it being kidnapped. After all, sometimes is better to have the raw data if you need to make something with it.

I kind of plan to use it some… or a lot… depending how things turn out with it.

Other alternatives included Google Forms… while you may make the form look really nice and is easy to configure… I did not something from it… so I ended choosing a self-hosted solution.

If nothing happens, I’ll start to roll out this tomorrow… and maybe even then run some adverts inviting people to fill up such things… who knows… my only issue is that I do not have anything on how to convince people to actually fill them up…

After all, data is important… but people require motivation to fill out your polls.


This would sound really weird, but during this weekend I finally put myself in line and watched two movies I have had seen a while back: Godzilla (2014) and Sin Gojira.

Mind you, I have liked the Kaiju genre for some quite time… since I have been a kid. I remember that they used to broadcast the old Gojira movies in the TV here… what, thinking more carefully, was a complete surprise and awesome.

Yet, I missed the 2014 theatrical release and the new Japanese version… somehow… something I had to fix once I was able to see Kong.

I was not personally disappointed.

But then, I was able to then understand why some people told me that the 2014 version of Godzilla was “boring”. I mean, while it is clearly way better than the 1998 version… it still has some serious flaws.

If we look back, Godzilla has been always a movie about a terrific creature that is either a menace to the mankind or fights against monsters destroying everything in its wake. What did make the toho movies so great is that they focused on the battles.

The 2014 version missed big time almost not showing Godzilla. He got like 10 minutes worth of screen time when he should have got much more.

Yet, the little we see about it was not disappointing. We manage to see some of the former glory of Godzilla in the last few minutes of the movie. Of course, I was kind of frustrated that, for the way of telling, the movie ended focusing much more on the human side rather than the Kaiju. Heck, this kind of movies are about THE monsters, not about how much a soldier struggles and does not get killed just because the writer does not want to. At some point, it felt stupid that when the kaiju action started… it was left behind by a scene change or a closing door. Nuts.

But maybe they wanted to avoid the same mistakes that the 1998 version did?

Of course, Kong did fix this. Legendary learned from this and gave us much more screen time of the monster we went to see.

Looking it in the reverse order, I can totally tell they did learn from the mistakes they did and fixed it up. We got a proper development of the monster and even we get some shots of it that let you appreciate it better. It does not focus only on the human side, but neither abandons it. Even characters are much more consistent and deeper, with stronger motivations.

I certainly want to see the upcoming films, they being Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs King Kong. About the last one… I have no idea how they will do that because Godzilla will for sure win given it is bigger and he has… well… more powers.

But the 2014 version did fall short to Shin Gojira. The Japanese reboot of 2016.

While the Japanese version has its own share of issues, it does not fail to deliver a much darker and terrific version of Gojira than the one of the 70’s and 80’s. The CGI itself is not the best around (mind you, with a 15 million budget, they did amazingly well), it delivers enough to actually enjoy the moments.

On it, we see a random Gojira stomping cities across japan, aiming towards Tokyo, while the Japanese government struggles with the challenge. The movie lacks a proper “leading character” like you may find usually in this kind of movies. Actually, I may consider that you see an “organizational character”. This is, is the full government organization that fights the monster as a whole… maybe because that is more “natural” for the Japaneses.

Yet in some scenes, it feels awkward that people don’t run when they see a giant tail swinging over its heads. And a bunch of other things does not make sense… heck, I even think that one day we see a city destroyed and it is fine the next day.

But those are minor things.

What makes it more epic is that you can certainly feel the power of Gojira. Like an impending disaster no matter what they do to try and stop it. Add the fact that the movie was directed by the same man that directed Evangelion and that the music was composed by the same man that… guessed it? yup, the same one that composed Evangelion soundtrack… yeah, you get the idea that it feels epic and dark at many levels… with people struggling and such.

He does not mind to destroy everything around him… especially after being attacked. And that is something that the Japanese version uses perfectly that the American version did not. Toho version showcases Gojira’s abilities at its extent after it is advanced into its quick evolution and adaptation.

Even while he is still a full-time villain at this time, and defeated, we are given hints about something may not be all right with him.

For example, during the whole movie we get a lot of shots were his tail is predominant, or at least the focus shifts towards it. It is not a coincidende that such thing happened, and much less once you see the ending.

There are a bunch of theories around about what it may mean the last scene of the movie. Some say that it is Gojira reproducing asexually, others say about its 5th form. Maybe there is something much dark there, given that we had the director of Evangelion working on this… they could be spawns? It is a possibility… maybe not “little” Gojiras… maybe little spawns that will just attack people… who knows.

But if they follow up the line in the next movies that Toho is to release about Gojira, that are going to be like 2-3 more, I am totally sure that they will be worth the wait and to watch.

This and That

I should make myself some space to write down once again, even if I end up doing it in Spanish once again (yes, that is what I speak really, lol)

In any case, I have had a little chance to go and see Kong. Not bad, but it certainly made me realize how much I like the kaiju genre and so. I missed Gojira back in 2014, so maybe it would be a good time to try and have some time to catch on it.

After all, if what I have been reading is true, maybe it would be something that will make me catch up on some things… even if the 1998 version was… awful… you know, localization of Japanese ideas usually end up in a crash followed by an explosion and more crashes.

But well, still need to get some time for it. Been out for some… family matters *shivers* and certainly miss to spend some time with a specific person…

So, we shall see… as I am trying to move up things to get most of the stuff…

Of course, I say this while holding my Nintendo 3DS with Pokemon Y loaded on it… playing it after Pokemon Moon (yes, I am playing them in a kind of reverse order, lol).

But gaah, whatever, time for me to poof again.


The more and more I mess with WordPress, the more and more I really like it.

After having almost finished a website where I totally needed to learn a bunch of things, it is quite surprising that it is really so damn easy to manipulate.

Of course, a bunch of other things still need some more… humm… technical capacities, but that may be another history.

I will I’ll still be moving on with this and see what happen… what makes me remember that I need to wipe out some old installations here at this host.

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