Facebook? uh?

OK, I am going to be honest…

While my experience with “digital marketing” has been… limited… I must admit that it seems a whole new beast, different than what I tough.

Of course… it does not mean that I do not want to tame it. I do want to.

But it is not as simple than just sit down and do “facebook” for a while. It has its own tricks, caveats and others things.

Getting likes from friends is one thing… making people react is another one, especially if you design content with a specific market in mind.

Facebook knows pretty well how people reacts, and to what they do react the more (you know, DAAAAAATAAAAAAA!)

Me reacting to data chunks, basically

So yeah, it is really weird to see a professional video totally failing at sponsored space while 3 random pictures glued together at the last moment does perform better that it.

It tells you many things really… at least one that we already knew pretty much: People does not stay with you for very long.

The 3 first seconds do matter, a whole lot.

Catch people at that moment, or go home. And that must be done SILENTLY… without the aid of sound.

See how complicated it can be then? Maybe yes, maybe not… but an image changing quickly between states may catch one, or another one with high contrast can too.

There is the trick… pull people with just a well-selected image…. an image that just “starts” the idea train… an image that may make your “potential customers” aware of you and interested in you.

That is where the real trick is… not in over production.

Can you hear me?

“Can you hear me?” – a voice asked to Joseph as he did woke up. He was barely able to see anything.

“Who are you?” – he asked.

“It does not matter”.

“Where I am?”

“You would not believe it…” – the voice replied, as Joseph was barely able to see who was next to him, but it was a woman.

He tried to look around, but was still unable to properly see. His memories where a mess still. Could not get anything useful from them.

Moving was painful. Yet it quickly faded away as he kept trying it. Eventually managed to stand up, but his body felt weird, strange, unused.

His eyes slowly got better, being now able to recognice things… yet the place was like nothing that he had seen before.

Then noticed that the woman was gone.

Started to wander slowly, Difficultly. The fresh air was filled with a soft scent of smoke, contrasting with it. Something burned some time ago.

Along his path, he started to find pieces scattered around. Metal. It had hit the ground quite violently. Some was still warm. Leftovers of something that went wrong.

But he continued.

The pieces become bigger as he walked further, spotting what used to be personal belongings. Something was wrong, but continued.

He felt it then.

Turned and saw that pair of eyes looking at him. Lifeless.

Most of the body was gone, and part of its white fur was still smoking. Yet could be recogniced.

Joseph fall with a mix of fear and confusion. It took him a while to remember who he was seeing. It was himself who also did laid lifeless on the ground.

“I… am… dead?” – asked to himself, as his head hurt from remembering himself.

“No, you are not”, the woman answered, “But neither fully alive”.

“W-What happened?”

The woman pointed then at the sky, as bright lights did fall from the sky.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Can you hear me?

From the top of the head

I have the objective now to start to write at least once here.

Sometimes, it is going to be hard as hell as I’ll not have access to material to share… or worst, no connection at all.

Of course, trying to keep up is the important part… at least to invest a couple of minutes to post when possible.

But for the sake of shame, it is a bit weird to be waking up at strange hours. Current work is basically screwing me over and again. That is why I have been lurking for a change for good… hope things turn out well and that I manage to learn a new bunch of skills…

I am not bad… just maybe I am still lacking enough motivation to fully throttle into that… could be?

One thing is sure… I am a mess and I need to fix up that if I want to get anywhere.

Yawning Mornings

Well, today is going to be one of those days that last more than just 24 hours… it could last as much as… 28? who knows!

And the kitty tax picture pretty much reflects how I am feeling right now. And no, with no coffee for the time being… maybe later? … got to make sure things move smoothly during overdrive.

Of course, one has to mess up with videos, promotions and some random stuff like facebook.

It is not easy to start up from the very ground, but it is needed after all.

Also, need to re-learn a whole bunch of things… I know how to make some shit, like coding and design, but need to get myself in line to make good use of it, dammit!

And I have also remembered I have a bunch of things what to write and get into context… well, the day is just starting so can do then such things.

*grumbles grumbles*

It moves

I wonder how longer we will be able to stay active for the time being.

This time, the year seems to be then providing us with a brand new opportunity. Something that may change things for good, at last. A change needed after being stuck for a quite long time.

The future is not written so far, or at least that is something that always we have been struggling to believe.


It looks like that I am doing it again…

Between works, destiny, other random games and watching some stuff… I keep forgetting about this, haha

Also, whops… getting welcomed back by spam bots… humm…

Watermelons and Clusters

Finally, after a very very long hiatus, a few days ago we got to see some brand new episodes of Steven Universe.

In both cases, we were able to see a good involvement of Steven himself and how much “crucial” he is in order to make “things go in the right direction”. He is not only growing up, but we are seeing him getting more “powers” to help and aid himself.

Super Watermelon Island

In this episode, we were able to see what happened to the watermelons to what Steven had bring to “life” and therefore expelled from Beach City. Considering that the time it has passed since such events, I am surprised how “fast” they have settled themselves and even have had alternate life forms (I mean, you see a dog and some chickens there minimum).

We do not know how well they will do after some years from here, but on some short of events… it may sightly explain why kind of people like “Onion” exists around.

Even so, if you think carefully… you may say that the effects to the world of certain Gems (aka: Rose Quartz) is much more relevant than it looks at the bare naked eye.

We already know that the gems have changed the course of the history itself… but now imagine that some of them “helped” some species to evolve and then become capable to fully interact and adapt to the human life… that can be totally mind blowing.

The other aspect with it is the fact that Steven can “posses” any watermelon person at will. Of course, while he is sleeping.

This kind of power has proven to be very handful not to only know where Malachite was, but also to communicate -properly- with the other watermelons and convince them to fight.

This kind of power, if Rosa had it, could have been proven to be very useful for her (and even for Steven) because might allow then to gather information in ways no one else could imagine… better than have a camera and a micro with your spies… haha.

The third important element on the episode is Malachite. We saw her going free and even overpower Alexandrite when they fight each other. Both minds (Jasper and Lapis) working together for a same purpose. It can be scary.

But the key moment here is that they got separated. Not bubbled. The gems managed to keep hold of Lapis and lost Jasper, who for sure is still very much alive.

She, Jasper, will for sure come back at a some point back at the history. She for sure will not just disappear like nothing. Not given her nature and behavior.

Gem Drill

And because of what happened in this episode, I am totally for sure that Jasper will come back when Yellow Diamond do its come back, or any short of force she may have been sent to Earth.

Why I say that?

Well, like we saw in “Message Received”, when Peridot totally betrays Homeworld; she knows that the cluster will for sure emerge soon… and is likely that she may want to ensure that it happens.

As a cruel path into the destiny, Steven only managed to “bubble” it (more on this later), what just made the cluster yet a persistent threat to Earth, awaiting to be awaken once again. And I know that Yellow and Jasper will play a important role back then in an attempt to bring back the cluster.

And with the event of the cluster we were able to see in a magnified way, how the gems deal with some kind of problems.

Gem are unable to deal with abstract problems, no matter from where they do come. With Peridot, we had a glimpse on how the society works in Homeworld… where we basically had the impression that she had no kind of good memories from there, and that she started to “feel alive” at Earth.

In my own opinion, I have the feeling that gems are unable to understand truly the feeling, and things like the mental states of other gems, and therefore help them.

For them, problems need to be black or white, and something that is easily identifiable. If it is something abstract, like an idea, they can’t understand it and therefore they do not know what to do.

This is where Steven becomes a key element. This is because he, as being half human and raised along humans, is able to deal with abstract problems and therefore help “gems” in ways no other could.

We see this kind of mental distress with the cluster itself. And even with some shards as Peridot points out “They are broken beyond repair”. Yes, they are literally broken and can’t be put together like one again… but also, its “mind” state is like that and they are trying to fix such issue… that is why they are beyond repair, because they do not know how to help such thing… such abstract problem.

We have seen Steven deal with the Centipede and even managing to have him hep them out. That is not a little feat. Specially if we consider all the “corrupt” gems to be no more than creatures with high stress, distress and problems to adapt to its new environment.

Rose said it herself, that the things go really fast on Earth. Meaning that she even had issues trying to adapt to the ever changing world, after all… they did come to a place where things maybe were moving to a different pace.

That created chaos along the mind state… and if they do not know how to deal with it, then problem arises. Maybe this happens only to gems that wander alone, we do not know.

So then, with the Cluster, Steven was able to make itself realize that it was many gems together… that it was many shapes and mind together and that they needed to see that instead to attach to an old idea to reform and seek for its missing pieces.

One can even see it as a way on how the mind evolves… as once the cluster realizes that its world has changed forever (and that it can destroy what they once protected), it decided to bubble itself… helping them in a way that maybe any other of the gems would not have ever guessed to do.

In this case, abstract ideas can then help much more than just punching or drill something. A concept that gems are hardly to fully understand.

Quest Line? Where?

You know there is something wring with your mind… when you see paperwork as a new step of a quest line!

Maybe I have been playing too much…

Back into Action

Back into Action

So then, finally after a very very long hiatus… I am kind of back into action.

Why? With the intention to take back this space and therefore share some of the things that I do sometimes here and there.

For some time, the things were a little bit rough, but really wanted to rescue this space and use it for express myself, mostly, and share then some of my “derp” moments while playing some games (as it is something I mostly do after work anyway!)

Of course, I will share too some random thoughts and/or stuff I see here and there. After all, it is not the internet about sharing and what not?

I have stuff like Faceboor or Twiter… but such things better stay as how they are… unused for now. Eventually I plan to come back there too… as activity is important… and I plan to at least have a post weekly… and see what happens.

But, just for close for now, just a random video of a game session gone wrong at Destiny, haha. Oh god, that game for sure has take my attention away from Warframe, what I used to like a lot too.

Oh, by the way… WordPress seems to be much better for what I want in terms to share ideas than Drupal… maybe this time I’ll not be struggling to keep myself up updating the software.